Education and Curriculum Development

Junior Rangers

The Junior Ranger program was developed to educate youth on the forest environment, expose them to employment opportunities that exist in the resource sector, and provide basic training programs that are required to secure employment in the resource sector. educationThe training provided also enhances their personal enjoyment and safety during their leisure time spent in the forest. Students attend a 3-week training program held during the summer and are housed in the Manitoba Conservation, Fire Fighting Training Facility on Shoe Lake in Nopiming Provincial Park. This setting provides a focused opportunity to deliver the program in a forest environment and provides the students with an opportunity to interact with each other while enjoying the recreational opportunities that the site provides. The program is open to grade 10 to 12 students from all MBMF area communities as well as those in First Nation communities located in western Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

The Junior Rangers program allows students to obtain provincial certificates in a number of areas related to natural resource management, including chainsaw safety, first aid and CPR, boating and ATV safety, fire fighting, trapping and forestry surveying. In addition, other non- certified training occurs on orienteering using compasses and Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers as well as First Nation traditional values and culture. The experience offered by the program acts as a catalyst for students to further their education in natural resource management and sustainable development, and provides a source of entry-level employees to local area businesses operating in the resource sector.