Manitoba Model Forest


Partnerships – Manitoba Model Forest Board of Directors

The Manitoba Model Forest A.G.M. June 2001A hallmark of Model Forests, and a key to Manitoba’s success, is the broad partnership of people and organizations that work collaboratively together. Although we all bring different environmental, social and economic perspectives to the table, we are all dedicated to improving the management of our natural resources and to sustaining our forest-dependent communities. Our diversity is our strength. Our partnership include Aboriginal Peoples, forest-dependent communities, environmental organizations, non-government organizations, industries, governments, academic institutions, trappers and other land users and private land owners, to name just a few. We strive to improve natural resource management practices and the sustainability of the communities we live in.

Wise management of our natural resources requires a good understanding of the forest and all its components (soils, plants, wildlife, water, etc.). In many respects, the Boreal forests of Manitoba historically have been poorly studied, and thus, baseline information on the ecology of the forest is lacking. When we don't have the information we need we create new partnerships to conduct research on our forests. This new information is then used to develop and test new tools to improve the management of the forest. The Manitoba Model Forest has become known worldwide for its innovative research programs and translating this research into management tools.

Model Forests do not have any regulatory authority to manage the forest. This responsibility resides with governments. However, through our partnership approach and research, the Manitoba Model Forest has had a positive influence on provincial policy including forest management practices, wildlife management, and public participation in decision-making, among others. The composition of our current board of directors reflects this diversity of interests supporting our collaborative approach to improving natural management practices.


The Board of Directors of the Manitoba Model Forest is represented by: