Research Fueling Innovation in Natural Resource Management

Research plays a critical role in advancing natural resource management in the Manitoba Model Forest area. Since 1992, the Manitoba Model Forest has completed hundreds of research projects. Prior to the establishment of the Model Forest, very little research had been conducted in eastern Manitoba. However, through our research partnerships we have greatly enhanced our understanding of the boreal forest and have used this knowledge to develop new and innovative tools and strategies for improving the management of forests, wildlife, water and other natural resources. Managing all natural resources in an integrated way requires the participation of all levels of government, communities, interest groups and different industrial sectors. This “integrated landscape management” is the cornerstone to sustainable development.

Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) Projects

Research and Development of Forest Resources is organized under the MBMF Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) Working Group and all ILM projects are described within Annual Work Plans.

Some of the projects undertaken within ILM are featured in the links at the top of the page and publications produced for these and other projects can be viewed and downloaded from the Publications page.

In addition to the projects featured in the links on this ILM home page, the following are a sample of some completed projects:

Natural Disturbance Regime

The intent of the Natural Disturbance Regime project was to study the natural patterns that are left on the forest landscape by wildfires and to develop and implement an operationally feasible forest harvest design that approximated those wildfire disturbance events (in terms of residual tree patches and structure). This in turn would create harvest area that would more closely resemble the patterns left after a forest fire.

Harvest guidelines were developed, replicated and monitored in the Model Forest area and the regenerating forest was compared to an area naturally regenerating following a forest fire. Documents produced for the Natural Disturbance Regime project are available for viewing or download in the Publications link.

Bird Monitoring Program

This project was designed to determine the abundance, distribution and habitat use of the migratory songbirds in the Model Forest. Monitoring was conducted over a four-year period to quantitatively assess the abundance and distribution of birds in relation to interior, mature, and regenerating and riparian forest areas. Documents produced for the Bird Monitoring Program are available for viewing or download in the Publications link.

Timber Harvest Regeneration Studies

There were several research projects conducted to assess forest regeneration treatments on sites which had proven difficult to regenerate, as well as to assess competing vegetation management techniques in plantation management aimed at reducing herbicide requirements. Documents produced for the Enhanced Regeneration of Difficult Sites and Alternative Vegetation Management projects are available for viewing or download in the Publications link.