Manitoba Model Forest

Vision, Objectives and Principles


The Vision of the MBMF is:

To provide a place where people from different backgrounds can work together to learn about and appreciate all the values of the forest and help ensure those values are conserved for future generations.



To achieve the above vision, the MBMF has set the following objectives:

1) To facilitate opportunities for local participation in sustainable forest management with emphasis on aboriginal involvement, planning and related activities, and diverse economic opportunities.

2) To ensure that the value of forests and the results and knowledge gained are communicated to practitioners, forest users and the general public.

3) To increase the development and adoption of innovative Forest Stewardship Practices, systems and tools within and beyond the MBMF boundary, including incorporation of local and traditional ecological knowledge, the development of best practices and to have multiple values effectively recognized, realized and conserved for present and future generations.

4) To share knowledge and participate in joint ventures with other Model Forests and organizations.



To implement our Vision and Objectives, we operate under 4 guiding principles. The principles of the MBMF are: