Watershed Management in Western Manitoba

Watershed management and the protection of water quality are receiving more attention in Manitoba due to the recent implementation of a new Water Protection Act. Watershed Management Plans, developed under the Act, have so far focused on agricultural- dominated watersheds and have not incorporated the important aspects and relationships of forest management activities on adjacent lands.

This project brings together a wide diversity of stakeholders in western Manitoba to examine water quality issues in a region dominated by both agricultural and forest industry activities. The project is initiating a research program to examine the effects of land use practices on water quality in the Duck Mountains and surrounding region of western Manitoba.

A project committee has been formed and an initial workshop and field tour were held in Swan River, Manitoba. A project proposal is under consideration for the development a network of river monitoring stations in the forested portions of the Duck Mountains that will complement existing water monitoring stations in agricultural regions off the escarpment, and will also install a precipitation-monitoring network. Ultimately, the project will help provide the basis for a more complete understanding of the effects of various land use practices on water quality, the development of watershed management plans, and the implementation of pilot projects to improve water quality in western Manitoba.

The workshop presentations are available for viewing and download in the Publication link.