Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou Research and Management

Woodland Caribou is listed as a Threatened species in Canada’s Species at Risk Act and Manitoba’s Endangered Species Act. The Manitoba Model Forest established the Eastern Manitoba Woodland Caribou Advisory Committee (EMWCAC), in 1994, in order to conduct research on the habitat requirements and use patterns of this elusive species and to develop tools for managing individual caribou ranges. These tools include habitat suitability models, prescriptions for where and how forest harvesting can take place in caribou ranges, and areas set aside from development to protect important calving locations. The relationships with predators, such as wolves, and the transmission of a pathogenic parasite carried by white-tailed deer, which is fatal to caribou, are also being studied.

A woodland caribou management strategy has been developed for the Owl Lake caribou range and a similar strategy is under development for the Atiko/Bloodvein ranges. These strategies, produced by the multi-stakeholder EMWCAC, are provided to the Manitoba Government for their consideration in meeting commitments under the Provincial and Federal legislations.

The EMWCAC has also established an experimental forest harvest research project, in the Owl Lake caribou range, that utilizes the results of the research conducted to date. Harvest prescriptions have been designed to produce suitable caribou habitat in the future for one portion of the study area and to create a harvest design which will maintain current caribou use in an adjacent portion of the study area. Results of the experimental harvest project will be published and made available in the future.

Woodland Caribou publications are available for viewing and download on the Publication page and are also listed at the top of this page.

North American Caribou Workshop

In October 2010, the 13th North American Caribou Workshop will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The workshop theme, Sustaining Caribou and their Landscapes – Knowledge to Action, provides participants with the opportunity to share both scientific and traditional knowledge for sustaining caribou populations. The Manitoba Model Forest is helping to organize the workshop. For more information, visit the Workshop web site.

Educational Materials

The Manitoba Model Forest has produced a provincially-approved curriculum supplement for use in schools titled The Wonderful World of the Woodland Caribou. The publication contains educational material, games and a video for teachers to use that meets the Manitoba Education curriculum requirements for Grade 10 -12 Topics in Science and Grade 12 Biology. The video used in the curriculum, titled Shadows of the Forest, was developed by the EMWCAC to tell the story of Manitoba’s woodland caribou and the work being done to protect them. A French version of the curriculum is also now available.

The Wonderful World of the Woodland Caribou curriculum package is available for viewing and download. The curriculum Le Monde Merveilleux du Caribou des Bois de la Foret Boreal is also available in French. Additional curriculum packages dealing with sustainable ecosystems are available on the Curriculum Development page. A separate VHF or DVD copy of the Shadows of the Forest (English only) caribou video is available by contacting the Model Forest office.

Have you seen a Boreal Woodland Caribou?

To conserve Woodland Caribou, we must understand their habitat needs and how they use the forest throughout the year. Your sightings in Eastern Manitoba are a valuable part of the research and can be reported by filling out the Caribou Sighting Page.

Boreal Woodland Caribou are "Threatened" under the federal Species At Risk Act and Manitoba's Endangered Species Act. The Eastern Manitoba Woodland Caribou Advisory Committee is working with Manitoba Conservation to ensure the future of our Shadow of the Forest. Your help is appreciated...Thank You!