Manitoba Model Forest

Forest Communities Program Proposal and Work Plans

MBMF 2013-2014 Annual Work Plan

This is the 7th Annual Work Plan of the Manitoba Model Forest (MBMF) under the Forest Communities Program (FCP) of the Canadian Forest Service. The FCP is in its final year and will come to an end on March 31, 2014. This work plan covers the period from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 and will represent a year of significant change and challenge for the MBMF. With reduced funding and eventual termination of the FCP, and a very difficult economic environment (making availability of project funding very limited), the MBMF will be downsizing its complement of staff and contractors, as well as its programming. The MBMF Board of Directors will determine how the organization will evolve and what the organization will look like in future years.

A main focus of our organization in 2013-14 will also be the continuation of our support of the establishment of a new presence of the forest industry in our region, in partnership with Prendiville Industries, Ainsworth Energy and our First Nation partners. This exciting initiative, known as the Winnipeg River Integrated Wood and Biomass Project, also includes the development of a joint venture company between the industry and First Nation partners and the development of a forest stewardship company.

Click here to view or download the 2013-14 Annual Work Plan.


Forest Communities Program Proposal

The Forest Communities Program (FCP) is a Canadian government initiative administered by the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) (link to web site). The CFS released a request for proposals and 11 sites across Canada were subsequently accepted into the Forest Community Program based on proposals submitted. Proposals were developed to address the four main objectives as follows:

The Manitoba Model Forest was one of eleven sites selected across Canada for participation in the Forest Communities Program. The MBMF Forest Communities Program Proposal is available for viewing or download.


Manitoba Model Forest Strategic & Annual Plans

Manitoba Model Forest Strategic (long term) and Annual Work Plans are developed collaboratively by MBMF partners, stakeholders and other peoples interested in the sustainability of ecosystems and communities.

Input into the development of the Strategic Plan 2007-2012 was solicited through open workshops where the FCP objectives, established by the Canadian Forest Service, and the Vision & Objectives of the MBMF were used in developing a plan that suited the local desires and requirements.

Annual Work Plans are developed addressing the direction established in the Strategic Plan. Working Groups, open to all interested parties, are established to develop project proposals within the theme areas identified in the Strategic Plan. The 2007-2011 Strategic Plan identified three theme areas for Working Group input, which are Forest Community Engagement and Capacity Building, Integrated Landscape Management and Education. MBMF staff develops additional work planning areas such as Administration, Communication and International Programs.

MBMF staff draft Strategic and Annual Plans, based on the input provided, for the review and sequent approval by the MBMF Board of Directors. The Canadian Forest Service ratifies all Plans prior to their implementation.

The Forest Communities Program Proposal and Strategic and Annual Work Plans are available for viewing and download in the Publication link and have been individually linked on this page as well. Annual Reports produced for both the first phase of the Model Forest program and the Forest Communities Program are also available for viewing and download in the Publication link.